On March 10, 2017, National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation (National Fuel), a subsidiary of National Fuel Gas Company, filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) at Docket Number CP17-74-000 for an order permitting and approving construction of the YM28 and FM120 Modernization Project in Cameron, Elk, and McKean Counties, Pennsylvania. The primary purpose of the YM28 and FM120 Modernization Project is to replace National Fuel’s existing YM28 (1940s vintage) pipeline infrastructure and portions of National Fuel’s existing FM120 (1950s vintage) pipeline infrastructure to enhance the reliability and safety of the National Fuel system for distribution markets, storage, local production and transportation services. The proposed project will consist of the following:

  • Installation of approximately 14.4 miles of 12-inch-diameter coated steel pipeline as a replacement of YM28, to be designated Line KL upon being placed in service, within existing and new rights-of-way in Wetmore, Sergeant and Hamlin Townships, McKean County;
  • Installation via insertion of 6-inch 1500 FlexSteel pipe into the existing 12-inch FM120 pipeline for approximately 5.8 miles in Sergeant Township, McKean County, and Jones Township, Elk County;
  • Abandonment in-place of approximately 7.7 miles of YM28 in Sergeant and Hamlin Townships, McKean County;
  • Conversion of approximately 9.5-miles of National Fuel's existing Line FM120 to inactive status for possible future use in Sergeant Township, McKean County, the City of St. Marys and Jones Township, Elk County, and Shippen Township, Cameron County;
  • Construction of a new interconnect in Sergeant Township, McKean County; and
  • Installation of miscellaneous valve and piping modifications along the pipeline routes.



September 2016—Began landowner notification and survey permission

September - October 2016—Began survey, environmental and engineering studies

September 20, 2016—Conducted project awareness meeting with potentially impacted landowners

March 10, 2017—Submitted 7(b) and 7(c) application to FERC

March - June 2018—Right of way acquisition; continue environmental and engineering studies

March 15, 2018—Received FERC Order Issuing Certificate and Granting Abandonment

March 20, 2018—Received FERC Notice to Proceed with Limited Tree Felling

March, 2018—Hand fell trees on western 1.2 miles of 14.4 mile KL pipeline section

May, 2018—Anticipate receipt from FERC of Notice to Proceed with Construction

July, 2018—Station construction and pipeline pre-construction activities to begin

August, 2018—Continue tree clearing and pipeline construction to begin

November 2018—Target in-service date

Spring 2019—Remaining Restoration


A project meeting was held on September 20, 2016, at the location below, in order to provide information on the project and how it may affect property owners and others in the area.



Sept. 20, 2016

7 p.m.


Mt. Jewett

American Legion



Sept. 20, 2016

7 p.m.

Information about landowners' rights and ways to become involved in this process can be found on FERC's website.

National Fuel's commitment to landowners is taken seriously. To address any issues or concerns that landowners may have, National Fuel has appointed an ombudsman specifically for this project. Please see the ombudsman contact information below.

Jeannine M. Bacher

National Fuel

PO Box 2081

Erie, PA 16512-2081

Phone: 1-814-636-7487



Whether you're a member of the media, a landowner, a public official or any other interested party, we want to keep you informed and answer all of your questions regarding this project.

Important Documents


In order to access National Fuel's FERC filings, please visit and complete the following steps:

  1. Click on "eLibrary" near the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Under "Search Options," click on "General Search".
  3. Switch the "Date Range" to "All" and type in "blank" in the box that asks for the "Docket Number."
  4. Click "Submit".

A copy of the FERC application for the YM28 and FM120 Modernization Project can also be viewed at the following Public Libraries:

Friends Memorial Library

230 Chase Street

Kane, PA 16735

Bradford Area Library

67 W. Washington Street

Bradford, PA 16701

Hamlin Memorial Library

123 S. Mechanic Street

Smethport, PA 16749

Mt. Jewett Memorial Library

7 E. Main Street

Mt. Jewett, PA 16740

Wilcox Public Library

105 Clarion Street

Wilcox, PA 15870

St. Mary’s Public Library

127 Center Street

St. Mary’s, PA 15857

Barbara M. Brown Memorial Library

27 W. 4th Street

Emporium, PA 15834


National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation welcomes questions and comments from residents and community members about the proposed the YM28 and FM120 Modernization Project in Cameron, Elk, and McKean counties, Pennsylvania. Should you need to contact someone immediately, the project contact is available to assist you:

Carly Manino

Assistant Director, Corporate Communications

Phone: 1-800-458-0413 Ext. 4199


Mailing Address:

National Fuel

Feedback- FM100 Modernization Project

Corporate Communications Dept.

PO Box 2081

1100 State Street

Erie, PA 16512-208

Should you have questions regarding construction activities on or near your property, please contact the project ombudsman.

Jeannine Bacher

National Fuel

PO Box 2081

Erie, PA 16512-2081

Phone: 1-814-636-7487